Catfish are generally found in the Americas, Africa and Asia.  Catfish vary in size from 2.5cm to 120cm and there are certain species with some unique qualities.  These include fish that kill with electricity, see through fish, fish that swim upside down, fish that emit sound and fish that walk on land.  Catfish species are certainly intriguing.

A common feature among catfish is their bottom dwelling nature and many are nocturnal.  Their flat bodies help them to stay on the bottom of the river bed without being swept away by water currents. Catfish are superb at locating food amongst the substrate on the aquarium floor. They are usually omnivores and are emphatic eaters.

Catfish have no scales and their skin is left uncovered, or occasionally is covered by overlapping bony plates called scutes.  Catfish spawn in several ways, depositing eggs on flat surfaces, under leaves or in pits dug in gravel.

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