Leaving your fish without food while you go away for a day, or even two, shouldn’t cause them any damage. In the wild fish cope with scarcities in food supply.  However, if you are going away for longer, how can you make sure your fish are fed?

The most obvious solution is to ask a friend or relative to enter your house each day to feed the fish while you are away, though this isn’t always practical.  You should never add extra food to the fish tank before going away, so what other solutions are there?

One solution is to use holiday feeding blocks.  These are the only safe way to add extra food into the fish tank.  They work by slowly dissolving away releasing bits of fish food into the aquarium without allowing the fish to be overfed.

A second solution is to get an automatic fish feeder.  This is a device with a timer that you can set to feed your fish several times a day.  If your automatic fish feeder requires batteries, make sure you insert new ones.  You don’t want them running out while you’re away!  Also run the fish feeder for a few days before you leave to make sure it is working correctly.  Automatic fish feeders should not be used as a general feeding method, only during the course of a holiday.

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