When mixing different varieties of fish within an aquarium, it is very important to consider how well each of the varieties will get along. Mixing incompatible fish can turn your aquarium into a battleground, or put smaller fish in the position of being pray.

Work on the basic principle that big fish always eat little ones. Even if not true for all varieties, smaller fish are intimidated by larger ones and will naturally shy away from them.  This leaves you with unhappy fish that will not display well within your aquarium. However some varieties of fish would not think twice before taking a nibble at, or eating other fish in the tank. The best advice is to only put fish of a similar size within that same tank.

Sometimes it is not just size but natural instinct that makes fish incompatible. Too many fish that occupy the same area of the fish tank puts limitations on the amount of space available which can cause conflicts. Physical features, particularly the position of the mouth, dictates at which water depth a fish will normally swim at. Using this you can select a variety of fish that swim at the three water levels in the tank, top, middle and bottom.

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