Fish keeping is a very popular pastime.  Whether its the relaxing influence of a fish tank, the fascination of the underwater world, or the amazing colours of the fish swimming around, it is little wonder that there are so many people with a keen interest.

Here at Fish Things we are building a website that reflects our passion!  Whether you are new or an experienced fish keeper, Fish Things aims to provide you with all the information and products that will help you to choose and keep your fish.

Learning to keep different types of fish, creating underwater planted aqua-scapes and water chemistry are among the many varied and interesting areas of knowledge that the fish keeper can and must learn.

We are currently building sections of information and articles about caring for your fish and aquarium making it easy for you to find out about keeping different kinds of fish together and advice on things like tank set-up, essential maintenance, feeding and disease control.  We also source the best fish keeping products at the cheapest prices.

Feel free to browse around our catalogue of products, or read some of our articles and product reviews.  You can even subscribe to our updates using our RSS feed so you’ll never miss an offer.